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posted by tweetymom65
It was on December 31,2007.It was 8:34pm not that far away from striking 12:00am.Me and my vrienden were running around the guest at the party.Then I saw this really cute boy.Me and my vrienden couldn't stop starring at him.All of us were to scared to go ask him a simple question."What's your name? "Every girl was too scared of too shy.We got tried of it so every girl was handed a scratch piece of paper and wrote are names on it.We made a drawing so the name that got drawn was the girl to ask the question.Every girl was scared.Some were shacking.With the sound of paper in the bucket,my friends...
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It was new years eve just 20 minuten until the fireworks started........

And I was at a party my friend threw, and a boy I had a crush on was there(his name was Tyler) and My friend (aka lexis56) saw me staring at him. She came up to me and zei "c'mon its new years go get warmed up to him" I just akwardly zei "okay". And I stepped over volgende to him and zei "hey" I swear I sawhim blush and say "hey" and I zei "so do u have anyone to watch the fireworks with?"
"Well I was thinking maybe we could?!"
Then the it was about 2 minuten until the fireworks started and we sat there and waited on the bench. I reachhed over and held his hand, he didnt pull away. Then just befire the fireworks started he leaned over really quick and kissed me, I was just as surprised as everyone around us, as soon as we kissed everyone started staring. We didnt pull away for a while, then we were told to go home.......

The End