hi, can someone help me??

Am living now in korea, bt am not rlly from there, so i can't read korean , bt i can speak a little and some times i fight with girls... so i need to know the korean bad words like (stubied,bitch,etc..), and plz i want it in english letters THANKS!!
 jessicathebest posted een jaar geleden
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yoon_hak9 said:
well here's some:
Shibseki/Chang Nhyu - whore
Geseki - son of a bitch
Shibbal/shibal - fuck
Shibal nom - fuck you
Mee chin nyun/Ssip nyun- bitch
babo - stupid
Myung chung yi - silly
Dak Chuh Ra - shut up
Chang nuh - slag
Ssibural - fucking
Jjin dda - silly person
Jot gaht eun hyun - u fucking teef
Nimiral - shit!
Bbasooni - brainless teef
Hu le ja sik - mother fucker
Jot de-ga-ri - dickhead

haha hope this help u XD
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posted een jaar geleden 
wow! thx now i can curse people door using those words that u gave
sheerlee posted een jaar geleden
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