Jamie was finishing up her last massage of the wedding party that had been scheduled. Each of the members had so far been generous in their praises and tips. The bride had elected to go last.
"Oh my god, my whole body's turned into putty. I'll never go to another therapist." Jamie chuckled lightly. "Mac and Rikey are just as good." The faced down woman groggily raised her head.
"No its you. Only you." The way the client had zei the 'Only you.' Gave Jamie a sudden uneasy feeling. She finished the massage and was about to leave when the bride waylaid her. Her innocent face had become one of pure cunning. "You might as well stay, we'll be family shortly." She smiled sweetly again. " In the summer all of us women go to our private lake and spend most the time nude. Oh you'll just love it. I'm sure of it." Jamie blinked. "W....What do u mean, family?" The bride smirked, killing the innocent. " I'm Voro's sister. Didn't little P.B. tell you? How rude of her. Now do u see? No? Oh well after this week we'll be both on our honeymoon." The girl turned around to grab for her portemonnee and had her long blond hair pulled nearly off her head. Jamie restrained herself just barely, gritting out her question. "Where?" The multiple personality bride, looked up at her and licked her lips. "I like rough women..." Jamie let go of her and wiped her hand off on her schort as if she'd accidentally put it into a pile of dog shit. The girl shrugged it off and grabbed her bra and panties.Jamie took a breath to calm herself. She'd dealt with these types before, probably witnessed something she shouldn't have of possibly drug related. Besides Voro had a big head, but no real bite.As the portemonnee strings were held door his aunt and uncle.The heads of the Del Fuego clan.Small stuff, smuggling, money laundering, art forgeries, and some moving of Jamie's smaller museum quality antiques. No murdering, no drugs and no prostitution.She actually liked the couple.Jamie growled.
" Where?" The bride finished putting on her lipstick with a flourish. "Now where was it again? Hmmm....let me see. Kitty Kuda..." Jamie paled.
"Kada Kuda." The woman smiled and Jamie was out the door, running. Without knowing she flash stepped all the way to her building only to find that it had been officially tapped off. They only let her through when Bro came tottering down the steps. Tears in his eyes. "Thank-God you're alright Jamie. I thought they had u too." Jamie winced as she touched his face when he knelt down to her. It was a mess of bruises,a black eye, broken nose, and cuts.Some shallow others that made her want to cry and kill Voro's. "Stay still u crazy ass." Jenie, the live in med student zei as she slugged a patch of antiseptic and a shot of novicane to dampen the needles work.
"How the hell did this happen?" Steven a cop she'd seen as a client time of two moved towards her with a clipboard. She nearly tried to hide behind Jenie as the girl worked on one of the meer problematic cuts. "Jamie, u alright?" Jamie nodded. "Yeah but I want to know how the hell he got in." Bro put his hands over his face. "It was me. I came home pagina early to make avondeten, diner for Rahmie and the kids." Jamie waved it off. "I want to know what u are going to do about it?" Steven racked his brain for something smart to say but came up with nothing. Damn he liked her far too much. Every time he asked her for a date, she said."I don't datum clients.Its a good policy."
"We're asking the Del Fuego's if they knew about any of this, but I have my doubts that we can trust them." Was the only thing he could come up with. Which only got him a look that zei he'd stepped in it. He needed to get this case and toon her he could be her man. "We'll get her back safely, Jamie I swear." Jamie shook her head. "I know where they're heading. I got a warning from Voro's loving sister. He's forcing her to marry him in a town called Kada Kuda. zei door the end of the week they'd both be on their honeymoons.I don't intend for it to take place." Steven put a hand on her shoulder. "You can't go all vigilante, we have to do this door the book. Especially when its over seas. They'll want meer then your word she's been abducted. P.B. may be forced to lie to the authorities to keep herself veilig along with any of you." Jamie pressed her lips together. He was right. " I don't understand how Voro could have pulled this off though. I know his aunt and uncle, they wouldn't give him enough for a pack of gum. Much less a plane to take him to....call the airport see if their personal plane is still in the hanger." Steven eyed her suspiciously, but nodded at his partner. Who was on the phone within seconds. Jamie almost let her relief show. As Sam, one of her chicks slide her a sly wink pressed the hanger operator to verplaats their ezel to see if Fuego's plane was still in its hole.
Voro frowned at the mess that he'd had to make of her face. He motioned for one of his body guards to put the ice pack on her face and surround her with blankets. Voro sighed, this would postpone their happy day. But perhaps that was all they needed, some time to rekindle what they'd lost. His lap top, boven open onto traditional and not so traditional wedding customs. He smiled as she started to come to.