He sighed and kissed her bruised lips gently. P.B. whimpered and scooted as far as the private plane's leather chair would allow. "You know u have only yourself to blame. I told you, I loved u and u zei u loved me too.That's as much as a marriage proposal from where I stand." Penelope remembered that date. It had been the last that had ended in a kiss at the door, instead of a future hit of slap. When he'd first hit her he made sure she understood that if she brought in the cops of her crazy navy pilot of a sister, those she cared about would pay the price, not her. Thus so far she'd let it pass, taken it. It wasn't like she hadn't been through it all before. The teef that had birthed her and Mira had rented them out to any s.o.b. who had a few bucks of drugs. Hell it had been on one of their shoplifting runs they'd run into Jamie. As they'd tried to pocket some candy from her store. Instead of turning them to the services, she'd, cleaned and fed them. "Where's your parents?" She'd asked them, which had made Mira actually cry. Jamie had waved the vraag and gegeven both of the children a bag of goods to take home.
"I'll be waiting for you, when u need me, again." For a while they had been alright, even their mother had been satisfied. Until some men, had come offering meer money and drugs then she could pass up. P.B. shivered and was suddenly covered with a heavy down blanket. She'd somehow forgotten, even trussed up as she was, where she was. "Is she ill?" Voro's asked the bodyguard who was checking her forehead with the back of his hand. "No. I think she was just lost in thought, sir." Voro's sighed and then shot him. " Its so tiresome, but such things are necessary when one finds a rat in one's outfit. Mario dump him in the luggage hold with the rest of my uncle's loyal crew. When we are over the ocean we'll dump them, the sharks will appreciate the fine meal." He snickered, then caught the disgust in P.B's eyes-well her one 1/2 swollen eye. He snarled like a rabid dog.
Her head went back as he hit her with his ring handed fist. "Chain her to the floor in the hold, then ungag her. I want to hear the sweet muziek her screams and pleas will make. Then bring me my laptop, I want to see my kingdom-or does empire sound better?" When Voro's didn't get a response he looked at the remaining men.
"Kingdom sounds great sir.Like you're the damn high king of the whole place." The others nodded their agreement. Voro's nodded and smiled tossing a mes into the outspoken man's throat.
" Such a tragedy, he had to such a big mouth. Marti how long was he with us?" The pilot radioed to them suddenly. "Sir Del Fuego's placed a bounty on your head, a sizable one. They are giving u a dag to turn yourself in before they send it out."
Voro gave it a small thought. "Please verplaats her to the hold and don't forget to chain her to the floor. Otherwise my to be bride will be literally vis food and that just won't do." Three men moved quickly to do his bidding, not wanting to be around when he gave his response to his once legal guardians. The third man also carried the dead spy while a fourth picked up the relatively new guard with a shake of his head. The new b, never had a chance.