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Kuroko no Basuke Which gender bender looks the best?(Click to see full image after u picked.)

28 fans picked:
Kuroko Tetsuya
Kagami Taiga
Akashi Seijuro
Midoriam Shintarou
Kise Ryōta ;)
(added by KaijouHime)
 kei122 posted een jaar geleden
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prussiaducky picked Kagami Taiga:
and Kuroko!!! So adorable
posted een jaar geleden.
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Asakura69 picked Kuroko Tetsuya:
Kuroko is cute!

Kise's picture: this girl is from Chihayafuru...
posted een jaar geleden.
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jennipop22 picked Midoriam Shintarou:
She looks adorable!
posted een jaar geleden.