Lady Gaga What is ur fav song?

lovebaltor posted on Jan 10, 2010 at 10:33PM
My fav song so far is Bad Romance. The song is awesome and so is da music video. "Ra Ra raaa! Roma Romama! Ga Ga ool la! Want ur bad romance!"

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een jaar geleden BiiaGaaga said…
My fav song is Bad Romance and Paparazzi . Papa-Paparazzi S2
een jaar geleden Sebas_GaGa said…
Omg I love all the songs
but the best are
Alejandro And Teeth!

Show Me Your Teeth!
een jaar geleden samg30 said…
my fav song has got to be bad romance. just love video to it.
een jaar geleden Anna_95 said…
the mines are poker face,bad romance, alejandro, paparazzi (LL)
een jaar geleden Puffed_Bubbles said…
Papparazzi,poker face, just dance and love game.
een jaar geleden cali24 said…
I really like Pokerface, Bad Romance and Alejandro.