Rose’s (Lauren Cohen) untimely death on The Vampire Diaries wasn’t easy for anybody — including Mr. Bad ezel himself (Damon) — to swallow. Bites were bitten, stakes were stabbed, and tears were shed. But like somebody very smart once said, time heals all. And now we can proudly announce that sweet little Rose (okay, so there was that one time she almost killed Elena, but that’s beside the point) has moved on. And she hasn’t gone very far!

Deadline is reporting that Cohen’s just been cast as the female lead in the CW’s supernatural pilot, Heavenly. The actress will play Lily (another bloem name? really?), an ambitious attorney who takes on legal cases alongside a former angel named Dashiel Coffee. (At least they got his name right. Starbucks = totally our savior.) The pair work together to “save” people — she door keeping their butts out of jail and he door doing whatever angels do when they’re forced to wear a suit and tie every dag (which we can imagine would be pretty uncomfortable with those big wings).

The show’s concept is interesting, but honestly, we’re starting to wonder how many “supernatural dramas” one network can have. But hallo — if it aint broke, why fix it, right?