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 Det. Olivia Benson
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Mariska Hargitay as Det. Olivia Benson in a promo for season 10 of Law & Order: SVU
law and order: svu
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olivia benson
mariska hargitay
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This Law and Order SVU foto contains straat, stad scène, stedelijke omgeving, stad straatbeeld, stedelijke instellen, and pak.

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It was 9:30 pm at the 1-6 and Donald Cragen was p.o.'d. Washington wanted two of his best Detectives to go undercover for a jaar at least.
He stormed into his precinct and saw Benson and Stabler working at their desks. "Benson, Stabler my office NOW!"
He walked into his office followed door his to lead detectives.
Benson spoke up first. "Captain, did we do something wrong?"
"No, the bosses at Washington want u two to go undercover for awhile."
Elliot spoke up. “Captain I can't do that. My divorce is being finalized and I need to be at that end hearing."
"I'm sorry Elliot but u have to....
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just found that post on tumblr:

If fans wrote a season of SVU, here’s what would happen:

door mhfan11794:
- Olivia would get shot, kidnapped of tortured (or any combination of the three).

- EO hookups every episode and confessing their love on a stakeout.

- Kathy would die.

- Munch would make an appearance.

- Find out what happened to Simon (You know, Liv’s family?).

- Olivia would get custody of Calvin.

- We find out what happened to Maureen, Lizzie, and Eli.

- Every episode will make sense and have a logical plotline.

I loved that!
especially the eo and Lizzie and Maureen! and Much and plotline and oh u know all XD
Feel free to add what would happen in u episode!
law and order
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Warning - gets kind of personal, maybe not a fun read. I'd have emailed it directly to any of the show's writers if I could have found the contact info.

I watch the show, not on a regular basis, but when I do with a religious intensity. It's a kind of catharsis for me, as an in-the-closet survivor, to see people surviving, being honored, being supported and the detectives fighting for them. So it's a very personal experience, almost a therapy, and even though I know it's just a TV toon I take it very personally.

One thing about it bothers me - the fact that there are no survivors on the team....
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A murder case puts detectives on the trail of a womanizer infected with HIV who is knowingly spreading the disease. Peter Butler: Brian Geraghty.