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You know what, I dont even care. They'v been gone this long, and I don't even care!
Cassidy left me. Yeah, I know, right? Well, she's gone off with some other guy and left me all alone on some Island far from Ninjago. Farther than the Dark Island. See, it all started like this: She got mad at me for getting mad at her, then Mr. Charming comes in and is all like 'I'm better than him blah, blah, blah' and then long story short, I'm on an islande.

"Cole, u can't be mad about this!?" Cassidy said, gesturing to the red-and-gold book in her hand.
"Yes, I can, and I am!" I said.
"Well, it's a...
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Electra's pov

I swung my axe and he dodged it "die!!" I swung it at his neck,and he ducked,Lloyd kicked my knees and I fell to the ground, I know he couldn't hurt me but I still was scared, " I'm no longer SCARED OF YOU!! " he punched me and the whole pitch black room disappeared. I could hear crying and murmuring " my son! Oh your awake, I saw a woman help Lloyd up. I jumped up and elbowed the man in white.and felt metal and bit my lip in pain. I tried to run but a man with black hair held me back " oh father how are you?" I asked coyly "tell us Electra, why?" A white bearded man walked in...
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posted by vetyking14
it is morning at ninjago city and..

sensei wu: Ok ninjas get up its morning

Kai: but sensei it's still 4 AM

sensei wu: a good training starts early in the morning

Kai: ok sensei

the ninjas train till 9 AM

Kai: Ohhh that was tiring

Jay: Yeah i know

Zane: I agree kai

Cole: uhh and its not even lunchtime

Kai: yeah

Jay: hallo wanna get somewhere with our vehicles?

Kai: Ok but where?

Jay: well i think we'll go to the pizza place

Kai: sure i'm hungry

so the ninjas traveled to the pizza place and eat as much as they want

Kai: ohh that was awesome

Jay: oh its lunch time

Kai: great we get to eat more

so the ninjas got...
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