Leyton Family<3 favoriete couple chosen for the LPF bonding event?

Pick one:
Lizzie and Darcy//The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Damon and Elena//The Vampire Diaries
Ross and Rachel//Friends
Dany and Jorah//Game of Thrones
Tony and Tea//MTV Skins
Chuck and Blair//Gossip Girl
Barney and Robin//How I Met Your Mother
Sawyer and Juliet//Lost
Sawyer and Kate//Lost
Dean and Colette//Pan Am
Mark and Lexie//Grey's Anatomy
Nathan and Haley//One boom heuvel
Jack and Kate//Lost
Jim and Pam//The Office
Finn and Rachel//Glee
Brooke and Lucas//One boom heuvel
 mooshka posted een jaar geleden
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