Leyton Family<3 //#9 - Lost Quotes♥// 26 enquêtes of things i love since I'm turning 26! || Which is your favorite? *full quotes in comments*

Pick one:
You're not taking drugs are you, John? I only ask because of the strict zero tole
u see this little hole? This moth's just about to emerge. It's in there right n
u guys got any milk?
u can't track that mannetjesvarken, wilde zwijnen without my help. Over the last few hours u have manag
u can't change the past, can't do it, whatever happened, happened. But then, I
Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?
What's a four-letter word for 'I don't care'?
Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell's going on.
We're not going to Guam, are we?
I've been flying a lot. That golden pass they gave us, I've been using it. Every
This is cool, dude. Very old school. u know, u and me, trekking through the j
There's a new sheriff in town, boys. Y'all best get used to it.
Then I see her. A woman, blonde, rapturously beautiful... and I know her, we're t
The terror was just so crazy, so real... and I knew I had to deal with it... so I
S: u taste like strawberries. K: u taste like vis biscuits.
S: So, are u screwing Jack yet? J: No, are you?
If u say live together die alone to me Jack, I’m gonna stempel, stempel, punch u in your face
Dude, it looks like someone steam rolled Harry Potter.
Baby, I am tied to a boom in the jungle of mystery. I just got tortured door a damn
L: Where do u get electricity? B: We have two giant hamsters running in a massi
Don’t mistake coincidence for fate.
I’ve looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw was beautiful.
I couldn't help myself. u just look so damn cute swingin' that pickaxe... Chain
S: u versus Sun - hot oil death match - my money's on you, Sheena. K: Thanks fo
Kate Austen: [When Pickett's about to kill Sawyer] Please, don't! I'll do anythin
Sawyer: You're just not looking at the big picture, Doc. You're still back in civ
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