Ahh! Need help!

Ok, so halloween is coming soon so i want to be gothic lolita but heres the thing:

1. Im a little low on money so the highest i guess i could spend is 50-60$

2. I dont know where to buy these clothes cuz web sites ive been on have everything sold out.

3.I dont know allll the things i need.

4. The clothes have to be real not fake!

5. I have to have the clothes before halloween.

6. I need to know what/all the hair products they use (without dying my hair blackcuz i have dark brown)

And 7. possibly a wig -just in case my short hair wont do- which it might not.

So please if u could help that would be great! Sites, stores (U.S. i dont live in Japan), brands, whatever, would be gratefully apprieciated (spelled wrong XD )



PS: Pic of Amy (not how I want to look but it kinda looks like goth lolita, doent it? Well, I think so)
forgot to add pic, haha XD so sorry
Aisuanime posted een jaar geleden
make your own clothes
poisonfang posted een jaar geleden
 Aisuanime posted een jaar geleden
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