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LLheart posted on Jun 01, 2012 at 05:48PM
So according to Spoiler TV,Showcase has confirmed that they will not be ordering a back nine for Lost Girl Season 3.That means that Lost Girl season 3 will be just 13 episodes - there will be no extension to 22 this season.
Is this a bad thing or a good one?Does that mean that we will have season 4 too?What are your feelings?Please share your thoughts fellow fae-natics!

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een jaar geleden potckool said…
God i hope there is a season 4! Don't want Lost Girl to end!! Sometimes having just 13 episodes is better so that doesnt bother me too much :-)
een jaar geleden HarperIslandFan said…
Yeah, I agree. I'm okay with it. 13 episodes can be nice, and let's hope that that gives us a better chance for a 4th season! <3
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