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posted by LOTGUltimateFan
I pushed up from floor to see I was no longer home. Around me were many tall, dark buildings touching the dark sky like on earth, but diffrent. Along everyhing were strips of light, sky blue light, that made up for the deep black overhead. I walked around in a circle, eyes wide, staring up at the sky and the tall buildings, when some heavy wind hit me. I flew back afew feet, then right infront of me was a big ship. The shape was odd, unlike most ships, and like the buildings it was outlined.. Exsept this outline was red.
I tried to run back, for I knew this couldn't be good, But it was too late....
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posted by LOTGUltimateFan
It was a normal dag in my pack when everything shut me out. I had gone hunting with my brothers and sisters, Took a nice nap door the river, but when I got back to my cave, the alpha came over to me.
"We need to talk" he zei and signaled for me to fallow him. And so I did, OVer the mountian t the alpha cliff.
"Flana" He zei "Your exiled."
"What?" I asked, unbeliving him. He gave me a serious glare. "Your serious? But why why?"
"You've been to inactive these past feiw moon cycles Flana. We need meer hunters to bring in your food! And u know the rule, If one doesnt do there job, They get taken...
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