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Maki P.O.V.

Spring,it was the time when all life begins anew,the time when life begins to bloom once again like kers-, cherry Blossoms do at this time of the year,it is also this time when School starts,and this year,im a freshman at a school known as Otonokizaka Academy-the same school Mama went to,and now me.

At first,Papa was against it,he zei that he wanted to give me the best,so he told me to just go to that UTX school instead...if i remember right,it was famous for its School Idol jazz...but i have no interest in those kinds of things,and that particular part didn't matter...even so...for some reason,i declined,i don't know exactly why myself,i mean all my life i haven't really opposed Papa,he was just thinking what's best for me after all since I was his only child,but i guess I just wanted it to be different this time...even though i know that its not gonna happen.

I always had a problem with being honest with myself...and for that reason,i had a really hard time making friends,not that i had any at the moment,but i can't really help it,its just how i am...Well,it doesn't really matter,as long as i have my muziek door my side,im okay with how it is right now,even if its just temporary...I still need to pursue my studies in Medicine,after all,the Nishikino family is a known family of Doctors for years and there's no doubt that they are expecting me to carry on with that occupation,but even so,i'd like to enjoy playing piano as much as possibl-

"Honoka! Slow down!"

"*giggles* c'mon Umi-chan! Its the new school year!"

"Its nice that u are excited,Honoka-chan *huff* but could u please wait for us? *puff*"

"You're too slow,Kotori-chan,Umi-chan!"

I watched their little scene as the oranje haired one dashed off,followed door a blunette and another with gray-ish hair...huh...is this how it would be if i had friends?...No! that will never happen,besides,they'll only bother me here and there...its...best if i just focused on my studies...with that,i continued to walk to my new school,and what greeted me was the fluttering of roze petals in the air as i was now at my destination...Otonokizaka Academy,a school that had been standing since the time of my Grandmother,and still standing up until now with its beauty preserved...the calming breeze blew pass me as i thought...

'i think i might enjoy it here' i thought as a small smile crept up my face.
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A week has passed since i started going here...at first,some students in my class tried to talk to me,but as usual,i would just ignore them and be back to my business...most of the time i would just go to the bibliotheek to study meer on my lessons and if im lucky,i'd find some boeken on Medicine,after all,i need to keep my grades up...One time,this girl from the broadcasting club talked to me,and again,my dishonest self came out and she walked away...though i think i heard her say "tsundere"...whatever that is...but anyway,i got to find something that made me brighten and that was the Piano in the muziek room,it was covered in a thin layer of dust the first time i saw it,and that kinda made me a bit sad since its been here for years...but forgotten...anyway,the teacher zei that students are allowed to use it anytime,so i did.Everyday,after school,i would come door here to the muziek Room to play that lone instrument,to keep it company.

...Then one day,the Chairwoman of the school announced that the school will be closing,everyone was shocked to hear this,even me,though it would still be here until all the current students graduate,it was still quite saddening...sigh...but not like there's anything i could do about it,that's just the way it is,everything gets left behind as things start to get carried away door time.

"...better to just not dwell on it and verplaats on..." i mumbled to myself during English class,as i continued to write notes of that lesson.

'yeah...just verplaats on...'

To be Continued...
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