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This Love foto might contain bikini, tweedelig badpak, badpak, twee stuk zwembroek, and fontein.

Taylor snel, swift - Love Story - Romantic Movie/TV muziek Video Montage
taylor snel, swift
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Just forget about my bro.He keeps poking his nose into my business all the time.His name is Josh.I always get a sound scolding because of him.Let's just cut the topic.

I go to Beverly Hills middle school.You know what,I love my school as school is the only place where I enjoy a lot,Hang out with my friends,make jokes on teachers and just have lots of fun.I hated holidays as I missed school.

I met my BFF Jessica.Nobody called her Jessica.Everyone called her Jessie.I called her Jess.She was the most populair girl in the school.No,she was not a very brilliant student,orator of singer.She was popular...
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What do u see when u look into my eyes? Do u see the emptiness
of u see remorse?
Could u ever be able to feel the depth i’ve been hiding from you,
so u couldn’t laugh,so u couldn’t laugh...
What do u do behind my backs,out of my sight,
what do u hide,are u a coward?
And i’m still here but u don’t own me,you can’t have me
the way u want,you can’t,just see it in my eyes.
I froze my heart,so u can’t hurt what is dead for a while,
but u don’t know that,don’t you?
u think i’ll be so happy seeing u again,oh u think
u could make this right,but your touch tears my heart.
I don’t want this,so be gone,i’ll choose the best lies for you
so u could believe it,oh u will believe it,finally,you’ll be gone,
far away from my sight,far away from my heart.
But i wander,sometimes,does it hurts when you’re all alone,
covered with the emptiness,tortured door the thoughts...
Oh u left me there before...