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This Love foto might contain straat, stad scène, stedelijke omgeving, stad straatbeeld, and stedelijke instellen.

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I walked in class, and one of my vrienden was sitting in the bureau that I sit in, when my other friend isn't here, because my crush sits there. I zei jokingly, " Get up." She laughed, got up, and said," You're so jealous." I'm like," I'm not jealous. How can I be jealous, if he isn't dating you?" "lawl" I turned around and he said,"Why did u have to sit there? u get on my nerves." "I don't mean to get on your nerves. WHY DO u HATE ME?" I joked. He said," I don't hate you. u just get on my nerves." Then I turn to my friend and said," HA! HE DOESN'T HATE ME." Then he says," Oh yeah. And...
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