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My endless love :
In that long way..
There’s only one ster lights for us
It’s you..
No place for the moon
When we are together…
In my dark dreams
There’s only one candle
It’s you
When I smile
There’s only one reason inside of my heart
It’s you
When I fight the whole world
There’s only one force behind me
It’s you
Wherever I go…whatever I think about
There’s only one purpose..
You are the one who I’m living for
Forever I’m here for you
I promise I won’t try to forget
I promise I won’t run away…
A billion people around me
But without u I am lonely
Without your words …I am lost...
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He woke up with a jump.

Dammit. Not again.

He had been dreaming about her. It happened every time he thought he was getting better. It seemed like she didn’t want to be forgotten. She kept finding her way into his mind. He sat up in the dark, shaking. He knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep in the bed for a while again. Too many memories there. Too many thoughts of her wrapped around him under the covers. He couldn’t handle it. Once she got into his head, it took weeks for him to drive her out again.

He went out into the keuken-, keuken and got some water. Then he stared at his reflection in the...
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