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posted by LoveDraco123
I love my parents.

I don't know how I'll live without my parents, because I realize that they are the only people I'll always have. vrienden don't last forever, and partners don't either. But your parents... they stick with u from the beginning until the very end. Even when they leave the world, their memory and their wise lessons guide u throughout life. The love your parents have for u is the strongest love ever felt door humans. And I think it would be idiotic to say otherwise.

I fight a lot with my parents. I become insolent and harsh with them at times, and sometimes, I exceed to such...
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posted by australia-101
1. I love how u always make me smile
2. I love how u always make me laugh
3. I love the way u inspire me.
4. I love how cute and adorable u can be
5. I love the kindness that u show
6. I love how I can always be there for you
7. I love how u can always be there for me.
8. I love how u stand up for the things u believe in
9. I love how open-minded u are
10. I love your gentleness with me
12. I love how u take my breath away.
13. I love thinking about you
14. I love how sweet u make my dreams
15. I love hearing your laughter
16. I love it when u smile
17. I love u still when your angry...
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So... this is mine and my best friend that i love so so so much..!!! lol, this is OUR song♥ :D He Makes Me So Happy haha. Love u Fishy ^_<3
the beatles
and i love her
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