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 Cover made door me
Cover made by me
This is the first time im publishing my story, so hopes are up! And wish u guys enjoy it.

CHAPTER ONE: New Guy In Town

Every night I would see brand blazing all around of worse, everyone frozen to death.

I woke up, hart-, hart racing, face covered with sweat.
"Just another nightmare".
I cupped my face, removed the blanket and stepped out of bed. The alarm clock showed 6:00 am. I still had an uur to reach college on time.
I got ready and went downstairs for breakfast. Aunt Felicia had already laid the table. I got myself seated and poured some melk in my bowl of cereal.
"Where's Uncle Ruth", I asked....
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 Love U!U're my world!
Love U!U're my world!
I wrote this poem for my beloved elder sister LUCKYPINK! :)

Here is an angel with me
Who is 1 jaar older than me

She's artistic,loving & innocent
When she's angry,her emotions mix up & blend!

At the age of 5,in school bus I used to cry
To control my tears,she used 2 tell me a sweet lie

When she saw my hand with stitches,I saw her eyes with a powerful tear
As I saw her watery eyes,my hart-, hart went through a shocking fear

Watching the "DOREMON",u can hear her horrible crackle!
That cute silly crackle melts my hart-, hart forever:)

Pak VS Ind match,Pak shot a 6,we extremely shout
Pak lost the match,we emit THUG words loud!XD

Now she's at home pagina playing on the phone
& I'm in school all alone

This is the time she's stepping on her adult track :(
Still she will never leave her habit of trying stupid pranks! :P sis is "growing up" & this is a true fact
I am sad but I realize soon she's still a kid when I see her childish acts!!!
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Faster than a bullet
Sharper than a sword
Can be made to kill
Can be used to guard

Its the end to peace
Its the solution to war
Can be hot n cold
Can be innocent and bold

Delicate as the glass
Doesn't matter what's the mass
Although unable to touch
But can cause meer than much

Can convert a smile into laugh
of a laugh into cry
They slip and trip
No matter how strong is the grip

Soft enough to touch the heart
Harsh enough to rip it apart
Such is the power
The power of words
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the originals
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Every scar has its own story
Buried deep in the heart
Pain and worries in every part

Everyone has their faces covered with masquerade masks
Still unable to hide the scars, alas!
Hidden but clear as glass

Struck a match and blow em away
Steady your feet and kick em away
The path to freedom is still faraway

Girls are being used
Boys aren't being accused
Still our mouths have been glued

Its not necessary to accept our deeds and back up
But we'll die if we dont apply our make-up
Rules are rules, but not if we break em up!

A ballgown and a crown makes a princess,
An schort and a scarf makes a waitress
A mask of lies makes an actress

My pain, my tears, my scars,
Buried deep in the heart
Pain and worries in every part
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This song always send shivers through me
taylor snel, swift
red album
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