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 The power of the three
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I drew this door my self while I was watching this u Tube video.
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power of three
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This Make Your Own Warrior Cat! foto might contain alcohol, sterke drank, dranken, alcoholische drank, drank, likeur, anime, grappig boek, manga, cartoon, and stripboek.

posted by Marie18007
Hollyfur shook her black vacht, bont following the owl shape it scare her but she was drawn to it somehow looking at the tawny owl "My name is Tawnyspots" "My name is Hollyfur" "I know who u are already . u are part of the prophecy u and your vrienden Flamestripe" the flame colored tom stood there mortified
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posted by Nightstar12356
As a rougue,I had no idea why my mother gave me woodland cat name.I refused to kom bij one of those pussies..But I regret it.I thought mother would take care of me for life.I was wrong.She died.If i joined the clans,she started;i would have others protecting me.Now I have only my brother,Flame.In other words,a weakling!
My paw steps touched the soil on the ground softly.I had to find a Clan.I also had to be nice,after all I am on their territory..What if they teased me?All my thoughts were disrupted door a nasty snarl!
I looked up to see my worst dreams-a fox.I dodged and broke for a run...The...
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