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 The power of the three
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I drew this door my self while I was watching this u Tube video.
warrior cats
power of three
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posted by ticklemeblue
Sunpaw looked around the camp slowly.The clearing was very crowded today. It was a nice day, but she knew her father would pop out of nowhere and yell at her. The usual.
" Hey! " a croaky voice came from behind, " u need to watch where your goin'! Geez..."
" Hey! " she mimicked, " u should watch where YOUR going. u walked into ME."
Sunpaw stomped off, angrily. Everyone blames it on me and my sister, of course, gets the good treatment, she thought. She began to walk towards her mentor and then, she stumbled and fell. The whole camp bursted out laughing.
" meer humiliation. " Sunpaw sighed....
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posted by Fairstepshaven
Ok, so, here is my main clan- LightningClan! My other three clans are StormClan, RavenClan, and SkyClan. A note to all who view this- please do not take my names and descriptions. For some of them I worked hard on. u can use the name on here if I let you, of if u already used it, but please, don't take both the name and cat description. That's just mean. Okay! On to the clan!

Leader- Onestar- a sleek furred pure black she-cat with a snowy white, shining single ster on her chest and pale blue eyes.

Deputy- Blondefeather- a pretty light blonde(golden) she-cat with darker tabby...
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posted by Rainstrike
Mosskit, a dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyes, hooked up a ball of moss with her claw and hurled it at her sister, Rainkit. Rainkit, a black tabby she-cat with green eyes squealed and leaped on it. She battered at it with her front paws. Mosskit stared in surprise at the torn mossball. "I guess we'll have to get another one..." Rainkit nodded. "Sorry. I'll get it. Rainkit hopped away and grabbed another pawfull of moss, but her sister had gone into the nursery, where her mother Hollystem lay. Hollystem lifted her head drowsily and looked at Rainkit. "You should get some sleep; your apprentice...
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