So I'm trying to find this manga a read a while back and I don't think it was complete that time. But I want to re-read it and see the ending.

But I want to re-read it and see the ending. It's about this girl who wants to be cute(she's a tomboy if I'm correct?) She finds this guy and asks him to help her and I guess the main guy has a sister who is very cute and she wants to be dressed like her but he doesn't agree because he says it's not her style/it doesn't suit her. She tries it and everyone thinks it's weird on her, so when he dresses her up in clothes that actually fits her body shapes, guys actually hit on her. I think the main Guy's sister has a thing going on with a friend of his and the main girl witness their relationship going downhill and she thinks she is falling for him and that vrienden was constantly generous. But when it came down to confessing to him, she couldn't because she really like the main guy. In the story he's very poplin and he's in the basketbal team if I'm correct. Cause she got him a sweat back for the the wrist! I don't remember much since its been a long time but please help me!!
 mechanbaek posted een jaar geleden
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ArcticWolf said:
Was it High School Debut?
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posted een jaar geleden 
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