What manga/anime is this??? Help me find it!

I m looking for a manga about a girl who gets chosen to participate in a "dating game" i believe. I don t remember how many guys there are who are fighting for her but there s a few. There were a lot in the beginning but I think only a few (the main guys) of them got to keep going. I don't remember her looks so it s hard to find it! Been looking for it, if u know which one I m talking about of if u think u are, then please tell me! Just give me any name, if it sounds similar to the beschrijving i just gave, then just say it! :)

They were having like a dating game
Yoorim posted een jaar geleden
 Yoorim posted een jaar geleden
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maluka said:
Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta sorry i dont know if this is the one but its all i could find

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posted een jaar geleden 
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