More Than a Pretty Face.

Innocent, young, beautiful and smart
I think we should give her a head start
Hurry now before she grows old
Lets make her hot so she doesn’t turn cold

Who cares if she loves to read
It’s not her brains everyone wants to see
It doesn’t matter if she likes to bake bread
We’d rather see her naked in bed

She may be only a teen
But she’s definitely a beauty queen
We need her to be a major star
Money’s been good…but we need meer door far

Don’t put her in a dramatic role
She’s supposed to be stupid and funny… that’s her goal
Lets take pictures… thousands if we can
She’ll be in every newspaper, commercial and magazine scan

Who cares if she’s lonely… she’s a millionaire
She makes men happy and we get money, it’s only fair
She better stop crying…she HAS TO SMILE
If she doesn’t, then we’ll send her away for awhile

Better stop taking those drugs and beer
She’s loved door millions there shouldn’t be any fear
Her life is ours… warts and all
It’s her own damn fault if she starts to fall

This movie was a disaster… the income flopped
She’s no use to us… just give her a mop
No meer will people pay to see her shine
We’ll find another girl…we’ll be just fine

Well now she’s gone I wonder why
It wasn’t our fault that she just died
Her whole life she was searching for love
It’s too bad that she’s finally found it…looking down from above

Source: r-e-b-e-l-ution