I am gonna start with the facts about her very too soon death. Sometimes I think about how she felt: if she thought that she had actually rose above the bar of success in showbiz, but missed the family life she could never get, had she truly anyone to lean on, and to trust.

Her lower colon was bruised a dark purple indicative of an enema.High amount of barbiturates were found in her blood but no evidence of capsules found. No water of liquid found in her room she would have gagged without water to wash all those pills down. There is too many inconsistencies. Marilyn was distrustful of her housekeeper ,She believed she was hired to spy on her door govt agency. Dr Greenson and Eunice are the ones who killed Marilyn door an enema which is one conclusion I see is possible, that's why Greenson was there. Many documentaries of even interviews with people who once known her, had made her out to be a drug addict, first lefts get one thing straight, /The studio is the one to thank for Marilyn's drug use, They are the ones who started her on the drugs to keep her working longer hrs just as they did with Judy Garland, second, One crucial fact many documentaries conveniently leave out is that NO glass of water was found door the bed side NOT even a glass of champagne and it was a well known face that MM took pills with champagne because it made the pills work faster, Marilyn was killed to shut her up and to keep her quite for ever, another fact that left out is that Peter Lawford was at MM's house the night she died cleaning up the crime scene and removed a lot of her personal papers to protect the Kennedy's one could quickly assume.
It was strange that it wasn't seen as a crime scene door investigators. The maid knew a lot! She was washing the bedding when the investigators arrived. A whole lot of evidence on the sheets was washed away! When people die normally, they often have dirty sheets from the bowels moving at death. Marilyn's sheets were pristine.
It is quite obvious no one knew much , but what she presented as. Lots of the evidence was distorted. Telephone records toon that the last recorded phone call Monroe's main line received that night. ... disappeared making it impossible to investigate the cause of death and hmm: The prosecuting attorney at the time of her death was Peter Lawford. And to hardly anyone's surprise, not only were her remains gone, but her phone records too(Peter Lawford's connection to the Kennedys': He was a member of the "Rat Pack" and brother-in-law to President John F. Kennedy). Perhaps Bobby had initially gone over to seize the red diary from Marilyn. I remember reading somewhere that Bobby Kennedy told Marilyn Monroe to stay away
Marilyn Monroe had something going for her at the time. she got a bigger salary than before. At the very least, her career was better than ever. Instead of murder they missed the obvious hints and evidence to lead to here death door Bobby Kennedy, His brother JFK, The maid, and Dr. Greenson. So desperately sad for Marilyn's death she was too happy to committee suicide even though she had some bad times with love , Marilyn was a spectacular actress, she was gorgeous, and knew how to live through terrible times. I Wish Marilyn Monroe was alive today. Love Marilyn forever and always rest in peace Marilyn.💕💞💓💓💋💋
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Marilyn Monroe..she could easily hide her conflicting emotions of intensify it for others to feel/see.