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GONZOLAND posted on Oct 29, 2008 at 09:10AM
Hi im gonzo aka darren and the owner of AKAGI RED SUNS mario kart clan for Wii.
We are pro/am gamer's with the X-LEAGUE.TV site.
If you have a wii and a copy of MK then give me a IM here...COME JOIN THE TEAM.

My MK gamer tagg is-Gonzo[RS].
MK Wii FC-3823-8710-3488

We are current ladder leaders for X-LEAGUE.TV,and came 2nd in late summer tournament and 3rd in the free for all tournament.

We hope some of you will join the team and/or visit WWW.X-LEAGUE.TV for your chance to take part in on-line tournament's for cash prizes.


UDPADE-Redsuns now have a fan spot...Just enter REDSUNS in search :)
UPDATE-Redsuns now have a X-fire clan(for games like cross fire,battlefield heroes & project torque).
If you got x-fire the come join one of the free to play games we play.
To find out more hit the link-link
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een jaar geleden Baby-toadette said…
wats ur fc for mario kart wii????????/
een jaar geleden sun-ce said…
Witch one Mario Kart Wii or Mario Kart DS?
een jaar geleden GONZOLAND said…
Both :)
een jaar geleden sun-ce said…
Maybe Ill be in but I have to tell my mom
een jaar geleden GONZOLAND said…
That's ok...Head over to the RED SUNS page click this - link
een jaar geleden sun-ce said…
I think I dont have WiFi.