Mario Kart How to dodge a bluebird{spiney shell}

Baby-toadette posted on Jan 14, 2009 at 07:25AM
this probably isn't the best way but to dodge a bluebird you need 2 mushrooms or a goldren mushroom it's that easy!!!

I was on wifi balloon battle when this glitcher joined and every item they got was a bluebird.

So when I was down to my last balloon i got tripple mushrooms. If you ever find yourself in this situation Wait until the bluebird is right above your head the use the mushrooms.

Hope this helps!

( Or just go for the easy option-mega mushroon,star,bulletbill.)

Mario Kart 4 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden sun-ce said…
Thanks for the tip man
een jaar geleden SuperSayin said…
im gonna use that tip thanks
een jaar geleden SuperSayin said…
big smile
I tried it and it did not work maybe i just have to keep on trying and also how to get on wifi ballon battle and witch mario kart is the one u r talking about
een jaar geleden Baby-toadette said…
big smile
I'm talking about Mario Kart Wii