Contests in this region have been gegeven new rules! up until now it's only been basic all times but NOW it's up to the person running the contest to decide what type of contest will be done. here's a lijst of the various things she was talking about. keep in mind each contest is run door a gym leader. if it's a place where there's both a contest hall AND a gym it's the home pagina town gym leader, if it's not a town with a gym then 1 of the remaining gym leaders will be asked to run it. following how we've always done things, the contest president and the champion.

Pokemon number!
this deals with the number of pokemon are REQUIRED to be used in the events.

1: Basic Contest Style
one pokemon is used for each event. this was the normal in the region until we changed the rules for this year.

2: Double Up!
this is only used in a 2 event contest. for each of the events a different pokemon is used.

3: 2 Poke'mon, 1 Score
in this contest there are 2 pokemon and they are judged SOLELY on how well they work together in each of the events.

4: 2 Poke'mon Double Score
each of the 2 pokemon is is judged separately as they work through the events.

5: 2 Poke'mon Triple Score
each of the 2 pokemon is judged as an individual but also as how well they work together.

6: Tag Team
The 2 pokemon do NOT work together at ALL in this contest style. EACH pokemon does something and then tags out for EACH event.

7: Trio
A 3 event contest, for each event a new pokemon is used.

8: Tri-anthalon
formally only used for the championship, this the hardest one to do. 3 events, 3 pokemon in each event, and 4 levels of judging for each. pokemon will be judged on how they work independently but also how the 3 work together in each of the 3 events.

these are all of the possible events that they can choose from. there can only be 3 used in any 1 contest.

1: Groomer Has It!
The owner of the pokemon has to groom his/her pokemon using ONLY the tools gegeven and whatever they have with them. make-up and clothing can be used and so can hair dyes.

2: Contest Battle
exactly what it says, pokemon will be judged on how beautifully they battle. just like in the anime.

3: Extravagant
exactly what it is in the anime, the pokemon shows off it's powers with skill, beauty, and grace.

4: Dance Dance Dance!
the titel says it all, u dance to whatever song u like with your pokemon. you're judged on the complexity of the routine and bonus are added if you're dressed for the dance style you're doing, amount depending on how well it matches.

5: Co Opp
the trainer and the pokemon toon a talent that they have together. dancing is aloud as long as Dance Dance Dance is NOT an event.

6: Model Example
a modeling dream where both u and your pokemon have to be well-groomed and snazzy for whatever clothing style they throw at you.

7: Clothing & Design
you're gegeven a word (like nature) and your job is to dress your pokemon with things tonen the word you're given. the AUDIENCE chooses the winner in this one with how much applause you're given.