Thanks to Hi-Nehm's constant work in it's technology labs, we have a newer, meer advanced, and much smaller and meer convenient poke'dex. It can be used as a watch of a key chain. I'm here to explain the specific uses of the poke'dex so it's easier to use.

1st you'll notice the small touch screen. This is for use of apps which can be downloaded to it. We'll get into that later.

4 small spots, 1 in each corner, serve as a hologram system. This shows not only color of both males and females of the pokemon but different color patterns and variations seen throughout any of the regions. It also shows how they move.
This advantage can also be used to scan berries and tell u exact levels of sweet, bitter, heat, sour, and savory of the berry, if it's ripe, what type of traits it will enhance, if it's best used for block of puffins, which of your pokemon it will be best used with, and which other berries u may want to mix it with along with effects on the pokemon when eaten raw.

This poke'dex not only keeps track of pokemon you've seen but which ones you've caught and all of the moves they know. With an easily downloaded app it can keep track of past moves and possible moves it can learn, which HMs and TMs u have that can be taught to the pokemon, allow u to access them from that screen rather then trying to find them in your inventory, along with the pokemon's strengths and weaknesses, which pokemon it's fought, it's levels, and what contest traits it has. u can use another app to keep track of the outfits you've used on a particular pokemon and how good it did in a specific city. It can keep track of accessories u own along with ones u want.

This poke'dex keeps a digital record of all of your badges and their ID numbers so if they're stolen of lost no one else can claim them. Along with that it keeps track of the pokemon used in each battle. This app works the same with ribbons.

It's also you're trainer ID card. Once it's registered the registered owner must be the 1 to erase the information if it is to be sold of it will be considered lost of stolen. This was added to prevent theft and increase the likely kap of it being returned.

This device works as a phone as well. It's voice activated with the highest sound quality possible. When not in use, it works as a digital watch.

The casing allows it to have a rechargeable, solar-powered battery. Super light-sensitive cells pick up even trace amounts of light. The casing is completely water proof and comes in pretty much any color of pattern u could ever want.

Scanners at the top, boven thoroughly scan anything from trees (to tell what boom it is) to pokemon within 100 yards of the wearer. It can also find pokemon u may not have seen and identify berries, mushrooms, items, special stones, and GPS systems pinpoints exactly where u are based on a 360 scan. An app can make this scanner able to be used as a projector as well.

It's a radio, MP3, and has internet access as well. It works as a camera and video recorder. There's an app for pretty much anything.

Any color of pattern of watch band is available to match the casing, of u can get a key chain. Thanks to the compact size and the technology discovered we can now keep everything on something the size of a watch! Enjoy your new poke'dex!