So if you've read the map update you'll know there's 3 dag Cares strewn about the region. Each of them has a specific thing they're known for.

The 2 in Recedentia and Penna will call u when the pokemon u have in wants to try to learn a new verplaats and let u choose if they do and what verplaats gets replaced.

The biggest 1 is in Penna and run door ace trainers who battle u 1st to make sure you're not the type to just leave pokemon there and forget about them. Pokemon learn strong moves sooner in this one, and reach their full potential quicker. Sometimes stats will get boosted further then normal here, because of constant training.

The 2nd main 1 happens to be run door the gym leader at Recedentia and lets u continue to interact and play with your pokemon while they're there, along with giving u an excuse to have a rematch if u want. Also, because it's the Evolution Gym that doubles as the dag care, pokemon can evolve quicker here. And because u can still play with them obviously their happiness can still go up. Playing with your pokemon is encouraged, as Suzzana believes being vrienden with your pokemon should always come 1st.

And the smaller 1 in Khered specializes in baby pokemon. This 1 is meer like all the others in the other regions, except baby pokemon level up quicker and sometimes when u take them back they'll be holding berries. This one is also the best one for breeding.