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zutaradragon posted on Dec 04, 2010 at 05:17AM
post everything bout u self here!
i'm changing the rules a bit as well. each pokemon can learn 6 moves
each pokemon has some moves they know without counting as one of the 6 moves.

those are: double team, agility, scratch*, fury swipes*, (*only if it has claws) leer, tackle

then along wit that, some types have one or 2 moves it knows.
Water: water gun, bubble
Fire: ember, flame thrower
Normal: slam, head butt, pound
Ground: sand attack, dig
Dark: bite (if it has fangs)
Electic: shock wave, spark
Psycic: Psycic, psyco cut
Fighting: mock punch
Rock: rock throw
Ice: Ice beam
Grass: Grass knot
Ghost: shadow claw
Steel: iron tail (only if it has a tail)

u can start with 6 pokemon u have and set up to 3 that u will catch soon in the RPG.

also, feel free 2 make yourself a ranger or something like team rocket. (only plz use a dif name) 2 evil teams already exist, Black Gold and Black Ruby...if joining 1 of them then post them on the forum titled as such....(Black Gold/Black Ruby profiles)

u can b as many people as u wanna, but u can only b 2 gym leaders/contest hosts

and u can have all of your pokemon with u, but u have 2 battle with the same amount of pokemon.
gym battles always use no more then 6 pokemon eather side.

yeah, i'm adding lots of stuff... XD
but it's good stuff!
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