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posted by phycicseer
Full Name: Mary Alice Brandon Cullen
Age: 19 (Vampire Age: 119)
Hair: Spiky Black/Brown
Eyes: Brown (Human) Topaz (Vampire) Black (Thirsty Vampire) Red (Newborn Vampire)
Powers: Can see the future.
favoriete Color: Pink, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Black
Husband: Jasper Whitlock Hale Cullen
Stepbrothers: Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, Emmet McCarty Cullen
Stepsisters: Rosalie Hale Cullen
Sister-in-Law: Isabella (Bella) zwaan-, zwaan Cullen
(Foster) Parents: Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen
Clan: Cullen Clan
Coven: Olympic Coven, Denali Coven, Cullen Coven
Type: Vegetarian Vampire
Backstory: Alice has no memory, but found her parents, sister, and her own gravestones. She later found out that her sister had a daughter who had a niece named Emily Cynthia Bonston.
Birth Town: Biloxi, Mississippi
Birth Year: 1901
Changed: 1920