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Does anyone know where I can watch Two of a Kind online?

I really really want to see the episode 'When a Man Leaves a Woman' the 20th episode in the series. If anyone has a link it would be very much appropriated. :)
 MJ_Fan_4Life007 posted een jaar geleden
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olsenfanatic said:
The only website I've been able to find the "Two Of A Kind" series on is ( The link in the parenthesis is the homepage for the website and all u have to do is zoek "Two Of A Kind" on the website (A zoek bar will come on the left side of the screen that u can zoek the website) The lijst of episodes they have available is on the right and when u click on an episode link it'll open up a new tab that u can watch the episode on. I hope this helps. I'm not sure if they have episode 20 but they might (:
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posted een jaar geleden 
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