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Metallica Which Metallica song best describes you...?

18 fans picked:
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Frayed Ends of Sanity.
For Whom The klok, klok, bell Tolls
(added by kissastrophe)
am i evil
am i evil
(added by KaulitZfan)
The Unforgiven {I, II, &/or III}
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My Friend of Misery.
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 BellaMetallica posted een jaar geleden
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BellaMetallica picked Frayed Ends of Sanity.:
describes me with pin point accuracy. besides i love this song!
posted een jaar geleden.
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kissastrophe picked For Whom The klok, klok, bell Tolls:
I think it's a good fit, either this or it'd be Nothing Else Matters.
posted een jaar geleden.