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michael and billie jean love part7

Michael looked back strongly and repeated what he had zei in a whisper, smoldering his eyes into hers. “Just trust me.”

She stared back for a seconde and then pressed her lips to his, wrapping her arm around his neck and using the other to play with his messy curly hair. He wrapped both arms around her and she scooted as close as she could to his body, resting between his legs.

She pushed him down on the bed, his head hitting the pillows. She started to kiss him hungrily, biting on his lip to let him know that she wanted him to open his mouth. He did as he was told and opened, feeling her moist heated tongue massage his. Her hands roamed down his chest and to where the first button was, opening it with her graceful hands. She opened the rest of the buttons and Michael lifted his body so she could pull it off him. He got gans bumps as he felt the cool air touch his bare chest and shivered slightly. She rubbed her hands up and down his chest to warm him and Michael went limp, loving the feeling of her small hands touching his skin. He moved his arms so they were at her sides and scraped up them with his fingernails lightly, sending a tingling feeling down her spine. He went to the beginning of her overhemd, shirt and pulled it over her head, taking in her almost naked torso. His hands went to the back of her strapless laced bra and unclipped it masterly, letting it fall off her and reveal her bare breasts to him. They bounced away from its confinement and Michael stared open mouth. He had never been with a girl with such big breasts; all his past girlfriends had smaller breasts. These had to be a size D at least.

His hands went up to cup her breasts and she closed her eyes. His thumbs worked over her tender nipples and his fingers massaged the skin around it. She moaned and leaned forward. Michael sucked on her neck and licked around her jaw.

Billie’s hands slowly moved down to Michael’s pants and opened the button and unzipped the zipper agonizingly slow, i
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