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michael and billie jean love part8

He felt himself go to his peak and moaned out loud, yelling, “I’m, I’m, I’m gonna cum!”

Billie felt Michael’s warm liquid shoot into the back of her throat and she swallowed every last drop, taking out Michael’s d*ck from her mouth. He was panting when she looked up and sweat drenched his body. Michael pulled Billie up to him and she sat on his stomach. He undid the button on her rok and she lifted her ezel so he could take it off of her. She slid off his stomach and back down to his p*nis, grabbing it in her hands and rubbing it up and down as hard as she could. Michael felt himself grow hard again and closed his eyes in pleasure at her giving him a hand job. He became fully hard now and Billie took off her panties, removing her hand. He looked down and saw what she was doing, and flipped them over.

She opened her legs and Michael duif into her warmth, both of them moaning at the feeling. He moved in her slowly at first, then started to go harder and harder. He grinded his hips into hers and she moaned at the feeling of his twisting d*ck inside of her, hitting her spot every time.

“F*ck, yes, Jack, oh, harder, harder…” Billie yelled as her head fell back on the pillows, her nails clawing into his back so hard she started to cut skin.

“Mmm, Billie, u feel so… u feel so tight and wet… f*ck, f*ck, f*ck… ugh, Billie,” Michael moaned, moving his hips into hers as she started to verplaats faster with him, meeting him with every thrust.

“Jack! Harder! Harder! F*ck me deeper!” Billie screamed, her face in a grimace of pleasure as he jack hammered into her core.

He moved harder and harder into her, hitting her spot and sucked on her breast, her screaming as she came hard on him. Her body shook violently as her juices flowed over Michael’s p*nis that was still pounding into her wet, tired v*gina. He kept moving until finally it was his undoing and he came inside of her, filling her with his sweet juices. He pulled his d*ck
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