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A desition that changed my life. Part 5

It was 7 past 2 of the evening.. there was an announcement:"May I have your attention please. We have the results." my hart-, hart started skipping."We will say the names door category" I knew that Luana was the drums. When zei a couple of categories.. Luana's category was said:"In the category of drummers the names are: James McKlive and Luana de Pasquale" I was so happy.. But what about me?. Then my category came.:"In the category of the lead guitars the names are: Klive Orlando and Cristina Zammit" I was chosen!! My dream was coming alive! I started to cry. I was so happy..
Now I had the chance to stay a lot of time with Michael.. when our eyes wasn't a coincidence... no.. it was more.. and I felt it..
 Cristina98 posted een jaar geleden
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