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Help me: -> The Cold Case Of Billie Jean [Copyright] :) Spoiler!

I need help finding and ending to my story 'The Cold Case Of Billie Jean' :) So near the end I shoot Billie Jean but I find out she faked it and while I find that out im walking in the park trying to 'Fit the pieces in the puzzle' and I turn to tell the others while they are finding DNA samples and she`s behind me I dont know what to put yet lol :s Heres the last paragraph just commentaar to help Pleeease :) That u :)

....... I turned around.
I turned around in compleate shock. -- "Going somewhere?" It was Billie Jean. "Billie Jean..." I said, still in shock, staring at her in the eyes. "Thats me" She zei with a quick 'Head Swish' She was really pretty, Blonde Long hair with long legs and brown eyes. - I had no clue what to do. I had no where to run, no where to hide, to afraid to scream of she may shoot. I guess it was time for me to die. - "Goodbye Ellabeth." she pointed the gun to my chest, but I had to stop her for meer time to live. I hesitated. "Wait!" She pointed the gun down, "Why did u do it? Why did u kill Marlon Rogers?" I tried to make a cold look in my eye, but it didnt work.
All4loveMJ posted een jaar geleden
 All4loveMJ posted een jaar geleden
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