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Please read this poem I made...

I wrote this poem. I'm not a professional, but I think I did a pretty good job. This poem is made up of haikus which are three lines: five syllables first line, seven syllables seconde line, five syllables third line. Tell me what u think. How did it make u feel? It's called "Life of a Loved One". Sorry, it's kinda long.

Guess who I was thinking about when I was writing it...

At times, life happens
It can be complicated
No one understands

We try to explain
We try to comprehend it
Nothing feels exact

We want to know why
Why bad things happen to some
We feel we’ve done wrong

We wonder why God
Takes the life of good people
Loved ones we care for

Sometimes we feel He
The one God, takes them too soon
He leaves us empty

We feel we need them
Maybe He needed them more
They are that special

I have lost loved ones
People were taken from me
I feel deprived of

‘Till today, I still
Think of the ones who have gone
Up to our Father

I am still confused
I try to grasp the concept
Yet I still feel bare

We can’t predict things
God is unpredictable
We’re never ready

That is why when we
Lose lives of people we love
We begin to cry

So we must treasure
The days we share with loved ones
Live each dag with love

Continue to love
As for the ones who have gone
Remember their lives

Try to see the good
Keep in mind their main message
Live the way they did

The people I love
Lived lives full of good and bad
Their message was love

So I try to love
I try hard to bring love back
To our sinful world

That is what they have
Wanted me to do each day
Bring love in the world

I was once told that
I should still smile even though
My hart-, hart is aching

Life is still worthwhile
If u bring in happiness
And joy to the world

Continue to think
Of the lives of loved ones as
They watch over you

 Taireee posted een jaar geleden
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misscupcake97 said:
Awww it's so pretty:') and so true:') lol
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posted een jaar geleden 
thank you.:D
Taireee posted een jaar geleden
Cristina98 said:
This is so emotional.. right through the heart.. :)) I love it..
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 This is so emotional.. right through the heart.. :)) I love it..
posted een jaar geleden 
really? thanks for reading it.
Taireee posted een jaar geleden
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