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hi have u heard about kenny wizz!!

well kenny wizz is a michael jackson inpersonator
hi is coming to the canbrra therter were i live of cause. my mum is getting her ticket and paying for it but iam paying for mine its wroth it i cant wate i know its note going to be as good as michael but i know he is one of the best look him up on youtube
of google :)
Yeahh.. i dont really like impersonators at the moment. Actually i dont like them at all. Each to their own i gues..
obviouslyMJ posted een jaar geleden
 tahlia777 posted een jaar geleden
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JjenJjen said:
I have no idea who he is, but I hope loves MJ as much as u do and that he will sparkle some magic on u =)

Impersonators can never replace MJ, but it can still be a pretty cool fan tribute!
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posted een jaar geleden 
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