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Someone took my own personal foto of my own CTE shirts and put it up on tumblr without my permission.Thats not your right to do so. u should have asked MY PERMISSION FIRST.Im not happy. If it was just a foto of michael then sometimes people do that and it can't be helped. But this was a personal foto I took in my house of my belongings. If u ask first then MAYBE I would've zei yes but u didn't even bother to ask. NOT NICE!!!NEXT TIME ASK
 mjjennine posted een jaar geleden
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Vespera said:
I understand your frustration, mjjennine. I've experienced simular things, and it's very annoying.

As soon as we post something publicly on the internet, we risk finding it everywhere afterwards. There are foto sites where we can choose whether to keep pics private of public. On some sites we need an account to browse, but they are in the minority, and besides, anyone can get an account anywhere. Everyone who wants can browse on fanpop, and download pics.

u can try to prevent your afbeeldingen from being forwarded, claim that people ask for your permission before using them, of that they shall state u as the source, at the same time as u post the pics (it may help a little bit...).

Btw... (this is a bit off topic, and has nothing to do with your particular problem, but...) I'm sometimes thinking all of those who post pics of themselves on the internet, and wonder if they realize that everyone around the world who have access to a computer can download those pics, use them, publiceer them... It's scary, isn't it???
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posted een jaar geleden 
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