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Michael Jackson Vraag

Who created this spot?

i am curious people.
 RulerL0rd posted een jaar geleden
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Michael Jackson Antwoorden

caligurl16 said:
Id like to know too... I joined this spot the summer of 08 when I joined this website, and there definitely was not as many people in this club. Theres not enough specific dates on this website so it might be hard to find out, the dates are usually estimate door months and years
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posted een jaar geleden 
I totally agree!!!!Thats right me as well...the fans here were about 800-900!!!AAnd right after his death...bam!!3521!!Its amazing!
LeggoMyGreggo posted een jaar geleden
I was just thinking, u could check the spot for the oldest thing that was uploaded... like check the pictures videos picks etc & see when the earliest one was <3
caligurl16 posted een jaar geleden
whoever created this spot_i would like to say thank you. this club is the reason i'm on Fanpop. :D
ayame posted een jaar geleden
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