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What's your favourite Michael Jackson YouTube video?

I'll never, ever get tired of watching Michael's Billie Jean performance in Munich during HIStory tour!
Yeah, I love it too so much!!! he's amazing..
liberiangirl_mj posted een jaar geleden
 Vespera posted een jaar geleden
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liberiangirl_mj said:
It's very, very hard to pick one!!! LOL :)) All his performances are awesome, his interviews.. everything.
I like very much this one, he's sooo sexy!! I like it when Diana says "whatch out" lol :)) He's so sexy on that stage ♥ It's not his show, not his song.. and when he appears on stage the crowd is just... wow!! When he sings ( any song) he just makes that song a masterpiece. Like Diana's song... when Michael started singing.. it sounded just awesome.
Too bad that the video is so short..
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posted een jaar geleden 
I haven't seen that one before. Thanks for sharing! =)
Vespera posted een jaar geleden
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