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This girl on fb is trying to get people to belive MJ alive and that she talks to him and when people say that they belive his gone she starts calling them names and stupid. So what do u think about this ?

This upsets me MJ was about love. I don't think he like fans calling each other names and being mean
 RoseLovesJack posted een jaar geleden
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Tam47 said:
I know someone that has, really had conversations with him after death.

However, I think it is a little crazy for a person to force their beliefs on others and call them names if they don't believe it. They should keep these thoughts to themselves. I'mean sorry but Michael Jackson is not alive. I know it for a fact.

The best way to stop this, is to ignore them. Everyone should quit replying to the post. They can'take keep being rude, if no one is talking to them.
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posted een jaar geleden 
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