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Does michael mention Lisa marie presley in his book at all?

 Tikicute posted ·6 maanden geleden
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winnie100 said:
Well if you're talking about Moonwalk which was written in 1988, I don't think he really would since they got romantically involved around 1992. Although according to Wiki the first time they ever met was in 1974. Sorry I haven't really read the entire book so this is just an assumption.
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posted ·6 maanden geleden 
I have read the whole book and he says nothing about a 7 jaar old coming to shows with a lot of bodyguards/he never mentions her name.The only women MJ was talking about in his book is Tatum O'Neil and Brooke Sheilds.
emi_mjfan1958 posted ·5 maanden geleden
Thanks for the clarification. Like I zei I haven't finished the book.
winnie100 posted ·5 maanden geleden
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