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Will u kom bij the Largest Tribute in the world?

The largest Michael Jackson Tribute in the world! Millions of fans from meer than 165 countries are coming together to become part of Michael Jackson's Legacy.
Celebrity artist David Ilan is creating an original portrait of Michael Jackson using only dots.
Each dot represents a real fan.
Everyone who signs up gets a free hand-drawn dot in their honor added to the portrait.
1 DOT = 1 fan

 overpoort posted een jaar geleden
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Michael Jackson Antwoorden

billie_queen said:
Oh yeah I in the upper lip , my dot number is: 16182
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posted een jaar geleden 
how do u become a dot in this portrait?
bubbles0 posted een jaar geleden
emmalovesmj said:
I'm there......
I'm dot no: 3954 (MJ's left eye)

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posted een jaar geleden 
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