The person that i admire the most is Michael Jackson because he is the sweetest person on earth who wanted to toon us something very special and important.He is a very heroic person.He wanted to heal our world and help children around the world,Who needed a hero and also an angel from heaven to make them smile.Michael inspired me so much through his wonderful talented muziek that had amazing words with great meanings.I love his muziek because when ever i listen to it i always feel his presences around me i feel him smiling at me like everything is going to be ok.He always makes my hear feel so warm and happy.I love his sense of humor.He always looked so cute when he laughed and i would always laugh with him.He had a hart-, hart of a child.He loved the three stooges just like me and my dad.He was such a funny,sweet and shy person.I loved his hart-, hart i didn't care too much about his looks all the time but he was very beautiful black of white i didn't care he had vitiligo which is when your skin turns whiter and it's not the person's fault at all.i loved Michael because of the hart-, hart he had for the world and how he healed our world.Michael Jackson is a true humanitarian he never gave up on anyone who needed a hero just like that kid who needed the liver remember? That Kid was dying and Michael didn't let that kid die like any doctor of nurse who would give up on a sick patient.Michael searched everywhere for the liver and found it because of Michael that kid is living today right now.He will always be the king of pop forever and his legacy will live on forever.Michael will always be truely loved and will remain in everyone's heart.Michael Jackson is not only the king of pop but he is the King of muziek and he will always be peter pan forever in my heart.I Love u so much Michael for everything.i love u so much and God bless u where ever u are i know ur spirit will always be with me,ur fans and ur family smiling at us and tonen us your love.I miss u so much and i pray so much to God that u could hear me and listen to what is really in my hart-, hart that i want u to know.RIP sweet beautiful angel i hope where ever u are u are at peace and happiness.I know u must be dancing up there in heaven having a great time.I hope one dag when it is my time i hope i can give u the biggest hug and be with u forever.<3 thanks again for ur love and ur muziek it will never die ever.

Lauren <33333333