1 jaar After The Wedding....

I was in the bathroom, throwing my guts up. Michael came in after me. " u okay Babe?" He said, rubbing my back.

" No. I've throwing up everything in my body." I bellowed, growling in pain. I've been throwing up for three weeks now. I hope I'm not pregnant.

When I finally stopped puking, Michael was in the Living Room, reading an artikel about himself in the newspaper. I held my stomach. " Michael, I've been throwing up everywhere." I zei weakly. As I zei it, I felt some throw up in my mouth. Michael looked up. " Did u call Dr. Campbell?" He said, rolling his tongue over his teeth. I shook my head. " No. I just take some nausea medicine." I said, glancing at my belly.

Michael looked up at me. " u don't think you're...." He said. " Pregnant? No!!!" I said, interrupting him quickly. My hands were shaking. It was a possibility that I was bringing in new life.

2 weeks later...

Michael and I were at the doctor's office. Dr. Campbell called us in. " Hello Mr. and Mrs. Jackson." He said, obviously surprised that we were there. " What do u need?" He asked. I looked over at Michael. " We want to know if I'm pregnant of not." I zei very firmly, holding Michael's hand. " Did u take a pregnancy test?" He asked. I took a long sigh. " No. I wanted to know straight up from a doctor." Michael nodded. " Lately she's been throwing up, having headaches and has a strange craving for mint chocolate chip ice cream and skittles."

I smirked at Michael. " u didn't need to tell him that!" I whispered in his ear. He rolled his eyes. " I had to tell him something!" He whispered back. I sighed and crossed my legs. Dr. Campbell did the test on me and I was nervous like heck. 10 minuten later, Dr. Campbell came in. " Michael and Fancy, your baby is 5 weeks old."

My mouth was wide open, but Michael fainted. " Michael? u okay?" I asked. He slowly came up. " Fancy, I had the most weirdest dream that u were pregnant!" He looked around then at me. " Why are we at the doctor's office?" I straightened my collar. " Because, Honey, I am pregnant. His eyes were the size sun. " Oh lord, it's true!!!" He exclaimed, falling back out.