Kasey awoke the volgende morning and began to get ready for work. As she was stepping out of the douche her cell phone went off. Kasey quickly dried herself off and grabbed her phone. To her surprise it was a video message from her ex boyfriend Jeff. "Ugh I have a feeling this isn't an apology video." Kasey thought right before pushing the play button. Sure enough she was right, Jeff video taped himself sleeping with another girl and sent it to Kasey. "What a pig!" Kasey exclaimed aloud to herself as she clicked off the video and slammed her phone down and stormed off to finish getting ready. Before she could even begin to get dressed her phone rang, Kasey stormed out of the bedroom and picked up her phone. "Listen u worthless little pig! u sending me a video of u doing some other chick is not cool at all!" Kasey screamed into the phone. "What the hell are u talking about?" the voice at the other end replied. Kasey then realized it wasn't Jeff it was Michael. "Oh my god Michael I'm so sorry I thought u were Jeff." Kasey replied upset at what she had just said. "No its fine don't worry about it." Michael zei shrugging it off. "So what did u call me for?" Kasey asked "I was wondering what time u got off of work today?" ," I get off at 1:30 why?" Kasey asked. "I was wondering if u wanted to hang out this afternoon?" Michael asked "Um...sure why not I'm not going to be doing anything after work anyway." Kasey answered. "Cool I see u at 1:30.","Okay hallo I gotta go I have to finish getting ready for work." Kasey said. "Okay see u at 1:30." "Bye" "Bye" Kasey placed her phone on the keuken-, keuken counter and proceeded to her bedroom to finish getting ready for work. Once Kasey got to work her friend pixy was following her around asking her vraag after vraag about how the datum with Michael went. "So what was he like? did he take out to a expensive restaurant? Did he pick u up in a limo? Did he give u a kiss? Did u sleep with him?" ," PIXY!" Kasey snapped "Enough with the questions! Yes he picked me up in a limo, yes he took me somewhere expensive, no he did not kiss me and we did not sleep together now please let me finish my work." Kasey huffed. "Sorry I just wanted to know what went on was all." Pixy said. "Well u need to learn to manage your excitement better." Kasey said. Kasey and Pixy continued to fold clothes in silence until Sharon one of the mangers walked by. "Say Kasey how did the datum with Mj go last night?" she asked. Kasey glared at Pixy "It went fine Ms. Sharon" Kasey replied, Sharon then walked off to continue her manger duties. "You promised me u wouldn't tell anyone!" Kasey zei angrily. "Sorry I got overly excited." Pixy protested. "This is the last time I tell u anything!" Kasey replied angrily. "Fine be that way then!" Pixy replied as she stormed off. Kasey continued to fold, hang and pick up things off the floor in her section until 1:30 came around. Kasey walked to the back, clocked out and grabbed her things. As she was walking to the door her phone went off, to her surprise it was jeff. Kasey shoved her phone back into her portemonnee and got into her car and drove home. As she pulled up she could see a black limo parked along the curb across from her apartment building and Michael was standing outside the limo. "I thought u were going to bail on me for a seconde there." ,"No sorry traffic was a mess, let me go in and change my clothes and ill be right out." Kasey zei as she shut her car door and made her way inside her apartment. After changing into a cute t-shirt and a part of skinny jeans she grabbed her portemonnee and met Michael outside. "After you" Michael zei as he opened the door for her. "So where are we going?" Kasey asked "I was thinking we would spend the afternoon at the mall." Michael replied. "Sounds good to me." Kasey agreed. Once at the mall, Kasey and Michael were escorted into the mall through a back door. "Why couldn't we have gone through the front?" Kasey asked "Um...maybe because I'm a celebrity?" Michael replied. "Sorry...Sorry stupid vraag I know but u just seem so normal that I forgot u were famous." Kasey said. Michael laughed "No problem". "So do u know what stores u want to look in?" Kasey asked "Yea I already called in advance to let them know I was coming so lets hurry.... the quicker we get to the first store the meer time we will have to look around." Michael answered. "Wow they gave u a time limit?" Kasey asked "Unfortunately..." Michael answered. "Well that sucks.....anyways what's the first store...please say its not Spencer's." Kasey replied. Michael giggled "No its a toy store...I've never even heard of a store called Spencer's." , "Are u serious? u have never heard of spencer's?!" Kasey replied in shock. "No I haven't what's the big deal?" Michael asked. "The big deal is you've never heard of spencer's which is like one of the most well known adult toy stores..." "WHOA! when I zei we were going into a toy store I meant a store for kids." Michael zei cutting Kasey off. Kasey laughed. "Dude I was just telling u what spencer's was I wasn't going to take u in there jeez loosen up." Kasey replied.

At the toy store

"Wow look at this!" Kasey exclaimed when she spotted one of those piano floor mats they plays when u step on it. Kasey began to happily stomp on it. "I've only seen these in the movies! I never seen one in real life!" Michael who was nearby looking at action figures, walked over and joined her and they both began to dance around on the mat giggling and having a good time, until Kasey stopped. "What's wrong?" Michael asked "Nothing...its just my stupid morning sickness kicking in." Kasey replied. "Hey why don't we go get something to eat?" Michael suggested. "No I think I'd rather go home...im just not feeling all that good." Kasey answered. "Okay what ever u think is best." Michael replied as he helped guide her out of the store, out of the mall and out to the limo. Once they arrived back to Kasey's townhome, Kasey quickly jumped out of the limo ran up the stairs unlocked her door and ran inside. Michael followed not far behind. As he made his way inside he could her Kasey in the bathroom vomiting, seeing that the bathroom door was slightly ajar Michael walked into the bathroom and proceeded to hold Kasey's hair out of the way as she threw up. When she was finally done, she slowly got up. "Feel better now?" Michael asked as she washed her mouth out with mouth wash. "Yeah I think I'm fine now...sorry I ruined our hang out." Kasey zei "No u didn't ruin it...we will just find something to do here." Michael suggested. "Like what?" Kasey zei as she walked out of the bathroom and into her kitchen. "I don't know....watch a movie" Michael replied as he followed her into her kitchen. "Don't u have stuff to do...like celebrity stuff?" Kasey asked as she opened a bottle of red PowerAde and to a huge gulp. "No I don't, being a celebrity like me especially since I'm one of the most well known in the business and the highest paid I have the power to annuleer things and do as I wish." Michael took out his phone and dialed a number before putting to his ear. "Yea frank I want u to annuleer the rest of my scheduled meetings and events for the rest of today and tomorrow ill verplaats them to sometime volgende week....Why? because I want to spend time with a friend got a problem with that....okay good, goodbye." Michael hung up his phone and placed it back into his pocket. "What about your limo driver?" Kasey asked. "Oh yeah I almost forgot...I'll be right back." Michael walked outside and told his limo driver he planned to stay at Kasey's for awhile and he was free to goo, before walking back into the house. "So your driver going to pick u up later of what?" , "He will pick me up when I tell him I'm ready....So what movie do u want to watch?" Michael asked as he plopped on Kasey's divan, bank making himself at home................... part 6 coming soon :)